Dominion Financial Services Achieves 3 Billion Milestone in Loan Originations

Dominion Financial Services, a leading private lender for residential real estate investors surpasses $3 billion in total loan originations. This milestone reflects the company’s resilience and commitment to navigating the challenges of rate hikes and economic uncertainties over the past year and a half.

Key Highlights:

  • Dominion Financial Services has funded more than 11,000 loans, totaling more than $3 billion in originations with $2.3 billion funded since 2021.
  • The loan portfolio includes a 40% share in bridge loans and 60% in rental loans, showcasing the company’s diverse offerings.
  • The surge in popularity of DSCR rental loans in the last two years has significantly fueled borrower activity.


“It’s an exciting achievement for us to hit this milestone. We love working with real estate entrepreneurs. To look back and see how many investors we’ve helped accomplish their goals, and the amount of community investment we’ve been able to participate in – it’s really gratifying,” stated Jack BeVier, Partner at Dominion Financial Services.

Founded by real estate investors, the company comprehends the key elements of a positive borrowing experience. “Our approach has always been to simplify, expedite, and make real estate financing more accessible and efficient for our borrowers. We’ve successfully de-evolved the traditional, cumbersome loan processes to offer simpler, smoother, and faster solutions—like closing loans without appraisals in as little as 48 hours,” Chief Lender, Wade Susini stated. The company’s success with multiple loan products highlights its agility to cater to a variety of client needs.

As Dominion Financial Services looks ahead, the company remains optimistic about sustained success and growth. “This achievement stands as a testament to the dedication of our team, who collectively envision a streamlined, borrower-focused lending future. While we’ve made significant strides, what truly excites me is the journey ahead – we’re just getting started,” stated Susini.

Looking towards the horizon, Susini’s enthusiasm reflects Dominion Financial’s commitment to future excellence. “The residential investment market is always changing. We promise to continue to adapt to best serve our entrepreneurial borrowers. Dominion will always be a lender to real estate investors, and we look forward to supporting our client’s success for the long term,” BeVier said. The $3 billion milestone reflects its adaptability to market dynamics and dedication to providing value to clients

“To our borrowers, partners, and the incredible team that makes it all happen – thank you. Together, we’re not just funding projects; we’re building dreams and shaping the future of real estate investing,” Susini concluded.

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