The Impact of Private Investors on Rental Housing and Affordable Living

In recent months, a heated debate has sparked across the nation concerning the impact of institutional buyers on housing affordability. States like California, Minnesota, and Ohio are contemplating legislation that would limit the number of properties these entities can acquire, citing concerns that they are squeezing out entry-level home buyers from the market. While much […]

Dominion Financial Services Announces Dustin Wells as President of Wholesale Division 

Dominion Financial Services, a leading national private lender for real estate investors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dustin Wells as President of its newly established Wholesale Division. This move will expand Dominion’s reach and strengthen its position in the real estate lending market.  Dustin Wells brings over two decades of experience in financial […]

Episode 53 | Adapting and Thriving: Real Estate Insights with Tarry Summers

Episode Summary:  In this conversation, Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier are joined by Tarry Summers, a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor. They discuss various topics including lending products, the real estate market, and Tarry’s experiences in different ventures. Tarry shares his insights on buying properties in Columbus, Ohio, and the changing dynamics of the […]

Episode 52 | Sell2Rent Platform, Market Dynamics, and Innovative Strategies with Danny Kattan

Episode Summary:  The podcast features discussions with Jack BeVier and Danny Kattan, who delve into their experiences and strategies in the real estate market. They discuss the evolution of their company, starting from single-family homes to large multifamily apartment complexes. The conversation touches on various real estate investment strategies, including the concept of sell-to-rent, which […]

Episode 51 | Rents, Inflation, Defensive Buy Boxes, & Asset Management with Danny Kattan

Episode Summary:  Danny Kattan, owner of the PIA Group, discusses his experience in the real estate industry and the shift from single-family to multifamily properties. He emphasizes the importance of grounded principles in real estate investing and the need for a place to sleep as a constant demand. Danny explains the defensive buy box strategy […]