A Guide to Private Lending

Private lending has become a vital tool for real estate investors seeking alternative financing. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of private lending, covering its advantages, potential risks, and key considerations for successful implementation in real estate ventures. From flexible terms to potential risks, we’ll explore the nuances of private lending to empower investors in […]

Episode 23 | In The News: Pivots, SFR Rents, Top Appreciating Cities, Interest Rates

Episode Summary:  In this episode of Real Investor Radio, Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier discuss their recent Real Investor Roundtable meeting and the insights they gained from top real estate operators. They also analyze surprising trends in the market, such as stable or increasing single-family rents in certain areas and the appreciation in unexpected cities […]

Episode 22 | Bull vs Bear Thesis on the Housing Market

Episode Summary:  In this podcast episode, Craig and Jack review a report from Wolf Research that presents both the bull and bear thesis for the housing market. The bull thesis argues that the housing market is healthy in the long term due to strong demographics and pent-up demand. On the other hand, the bear thesis […]

Episode 21 | Part 2 with Melody Wright – Overbuilding, Shifting Demographics

Episode Summary:  In a recent episode of Real Investor Radio, Melody Wright, a veteran of the banking and financial services industry, joins hosts Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier to discuss the current state of the residential real estate market. The conversation covers topics such as overbuilding, demographic shifts, speculative practices, potential fraud, and the impact […]

The Viability of the Short-Term Rental Business in an Economic Downturn

The emergence of the short-term rental industry, popularized by platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, has revolutionized the way people travel and find accommodation. It started as a way for homeowners to earn extra income by renting out their spare rooms or properties. However, over time, it evolved into a lucrative business model for real estate […]

Episode 20 | Melody Wright – Are US Builders Overbuilding?

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig & Jack are joined by Melody Wright, housing strategist and writer. They discuss Melody’s concerns that US homebuilders are overbuilding and how this oversupply will impact the housing market.  Stream Now Full Episode Transcript *The following transcript is auto-generated. Craig Fuhr (00:03.849)All right. Hey, welcome to real investor radio. This […]

Episode 19 | The State of the Short-Term Rental Market

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Jack & Craig discuss the state of the short-term rental market. They review the history of the business model and what challenges STR operators are facing today. Who will be able to capitalize on the distress in this market segment? Learn where the hosts see the greatest opportunities for investors.  […]

Episode 18 | What does the future look like for investors? 

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig & Jack discuss the current state of the real estate market and various economic and political factors influencing it. The conversation touches on topics like interest rates, housing prices, immigration, and the potential for distressed syndication deals. The hosts have differing opinions on the outlook for the real estate […]

When the Going Gets Tough, Cash Out

Why Real Estate Investors Should Tap into Their Equity in the Current High-Interest Rate Environment The recent years have been transformative for the real estate market. Between 2020 and 2021, property values surged, and rental rates followed suit, providing investors with a significant influx of equity and income from their portfolios. However, there’s a looming […]

Episode 17 | Developer Case Study: Franklin Cruz Part 2

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig & Jack continue their conversation with Florida Real Estate Entrepreneur Franklin Cruz. They discuss the unique home product that he has been building in FL.  Stream Now Full Episode Transcript *The following transcript is auto-generated. craig fuhr (00:00.157)Hey everybody. Welcome to Real Investor Radio. I’m Craig Fuhr with Jack […]