Rising Risk: The Future of Real Estate Insurance

Insurance costs have been increasing significantly, with an astounding 23% increase in average homeowners insurance premiums between January 2023 and February 2024. This sharp uptick raises some critical questions for real estate investors: Will insurance costs continue to rise? If so, by how much? How will this impact real estate investors and their bottom line? […]

Rate Cut Uncertainty: Assessing the Likelihood of Interest Rate Changes

https://youtu.be/nsmZ7VVgPEg When it comes to real estate investing, few topics evoke as much debate and speculation as interest rates. At the heart of this discourse lies a common theme: uncertainty. This palpable feeling of unpredictability leaves individuals and investors alike on the fence about the trajectory of interest rates and its implications for the broader […]

5 Tips for Commercial Real Estate Investing in 2024

https://youtu.be/Nx58rvTbUyo In a recent Real Investor Radio podcast episode, Dominion Financial Services’s Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier sat down with Sentinel Net Lease founders Dennis Cisterna III and Fred Lewis to discuss commercial real estate investing in the current market.  With mortgage rates hovering around 7% to 8% and inflation holding steady, many commercial real […]

Episode 46 | Institutional Ownership: Impact on Housing Affordability and Legislative Challenges

Episode Summary:  Legislatures in various states are considering laws to restrict large institutional investors from owning a significant number of homes. The National Rental Home Council (NRHC) is a trade organization that advocates for single-family rental operators. The NRHC is focused on combating the negative perception of institutional ownership and the impact it has on […]

The Great Debate: Are Institutional Buyers a Burden or Boon to Housing Affordability?

https://youtu.be/U_jyN8iTnrM?si=LcSpXIzmRd0Gy5Z0 You’ve no doubt heard the conversation sweeping the nation about whether institutional buyers are bad for housing affordability. Some states are even considering legislation, like California’s Assembly Bill 2584, that would block institutional buyers from acquiring homes over a certain number. This is in response to the belief that entry-level homebuyers are being priced […]

The Rise of Non-Bank Construction Lenders in Today’s Market

https://youtu.be/7DKPcrjT6Uo?si=XjCrGVzzsfG_kBuM The world of construction loans is changing. Traditionally, when investors and developers needed money, they relied on banks, attracted by lower interest rates and established business relationships. But things are shifting. With interest rates going up and more stringent loan conditions, especially in the risky construction sector, getting that bank financing has become significantly […]

Episode 43 | Kris Garin – Tenant Relationships, Portfolio Acquisitions, UPREIT Structure

Episode Summary:  Kris Garin from Riparian Capital Partners discusses their approach to managing tenant issues in post-industrial cities like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. They focus on building relationships with tenants and positioning themselves as the ideal counterparty. They conduct detailed file audits and have a plan in place for screening tenants and managing turnover. They […]

Corporate Transparency Act Developments: Alabama’s Court Ruling and What It Means for Real Estate Investors

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), established under the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, aims to curb illegal financial activities through enhanced transparency measures. Its intent is to peel back the layers of anonymity often exploited by money launderers and others engaged in illicit activities, disclosing the identities of the individuals who ultimately own or control legal […]