Bond Math & Negative Convexity

Here’s Why Your Mortgage is Valuable. A little bond math to illustrate why the debt you’ve borrowed may be one of your greatest assets As a real estate investor, you may not immediately think of your loans taken out as being favorable to you. However, the debt you borrowed over the last two years is […]

US Treasury Yield Curve

Here’s What It Means for Real Estate Investing. Media coverage this year has been dominated by talk about US Treasury yields. These yields represent the interest rates the US government must pay to borrow money. Since lending to the government is not supposed to be risky, the rates they pay are considered “risk-free” rates. Risk-free […]

Fix & Flip Rates Going Up

Learn to navigate financing options as the market evolves. Here’s what you need to know. In the past 12 months, short-term US Treasury rates have risen nearly three full percentage points. It has taken some time, but now short-term fix & flip lenders are finally responding and looking to pass through those increased costs to the borrowers. […]

The Landlord Loan That Is Taking The Market By Storm

Single-family real estate investors have historically borrowed from local banks — until now. What you need to know Many single-family real estate investors prefer to purchase properties in the name of a limited liability company. This protects them from lawsuits and keeps their investing business apart from their personal names. For these investors, local and […]