Dominion Financial Launches New Bridge Loan Program with 100% Financing

Dominion Financial Services (DFS), a national private lender for real estate investors announces the launch of its new Bridge Loan Program. The program features up to 100% acquisition, 100% rehab financing, and interest rates as low as 9.5%. Total acquisition financing is designed to maximize investors’ operating capital, allowing them to grow their investing businesses.

Key Features of the new Bridge Loan Program:

  • Competitive Rates: Investors can benefit from rates as low as 9.5% with the rate buydown option or choose an 11% rate with no upfront origination points.
  • Comprehensive Financing: The program offers the ability to finance 100% of acquisition costs and 100% of rehab costs.
  • Efficient Underwriting: No appraisal is required as DFS will underwrite your deal in-house, streamlining the approval process.
  • Nationwide Availability: The program is available to investors across the country.

The Dominion Difference:

Dominion Financial Services stands out in the marketplace by offering up to 100% loan-to-cost (LTC), a significant differentiator among national private lenders. This unique feature positions DFS as a leader in the real estate investment lending sector.

Jack BeVier, Partner at Dominion Financial, stated, “For 22 years, Dominion has succeeded in the fix & flip lending market with a common sense approach focused on providing exceptional rates, speed & service. Our new guidelines reflect today’s market conditions and give the country’s most talented flippers & landlords a competitive advantage to thrive. We look forward to supporting these entrepreneurs and continuing to grow together.”

DFS’s previous bridge loan program was developed from years of industry insights, particularly after the 2008 financial crisis, focusing on borrower financial strength and expanding DFS’s geographic footprint. Recent market dynamics, including COVID-19 stress tests and the 2023 basis point increase, have informed the new program, which offers a more intelligent and nuanced approach to bridge lending.

The new Bridge Loan Program is designed to help real estate investors grow their businesses by providing them with the capital they need to take advantage of new opportunities. With 100% financing options, competitive rates, and a streamlined approval process, DFS is empowering investors to maximize their operating capital and scale their portfolios quickly.

For more information about the new DFS Bridge Loan Program and to learn how Dominion Financial can help you achieve your investment goals, visit dominionfinancialservices.com/fix-flip-loans.

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