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30-year fixed-rate loans for new purchases and refinances. Qualify based on DSCR not DTI.
Short-term bridge loans for the acquisition and renovation of residential property.
Ground-up construction loans for residential properties. No appraisal required.
Short-term loans for multifamily rehab and multifamily new construction projects.

An Industry Leader

Since its founding in 2002, Dominion Financial Services has originated more than $2.5 billion in loans, funded over 10,000 residential projects, and lends in all 50 states.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Bradley Warr
Bradley Warr
I received a mail advertisement for Dominion after running into roadblocks with other potential lenders. With nothing to lose, I sent an email to Wade Susini outlining our building project. He responded the next business day and put us in contact with a loan officer, Brendan Corcoran. From that point, we have been full speed ahead. Our project is a bit different from most, but everyone from Dominion that we have encountered has kept an open mind and have taken the time to gain a better understanding of what we are actually doing. Rather than being met with "We aren't interested" or "This project falls outside of our scope", the team has continued to work amongst themselves to help us get the resources needed to finish this project. At every obstacle, they have continued to find ways to make it possible for us to continue working with them. Thank you to Wade, Brendan, Janina, Kathy, Danielle, Tony, Amira, and Alan.
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez
This is probably the best lender I have had the opportunity to work with. They are way faster than their competitors and have solved all my financial needs with excelency. Travis Beach and Wade Susini are Professional, responsible and will answer any question. I'll recommend this company to friends and family.
Jack Shokha
Jack Shokha
I have worked with Dominion since 2015. I refuse to use anyone else but Dominion. They take everything serious. But that’s how it should be! Once you have a deal under contract, you will work with the same person until closing. Which is the best part. You develop a relationship with these GREAT individuals. And in private lending, building relationships is everything. I will always be grateful for Dominion for helping me achieve my goals in flipping. I recommend them every single time someone wants to flip. Thank you to every single person at Dominion Financial. Almost 8 years strong!!

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