Episode 37 | Scaling Success: SMD Capital Group’s Journey in Real Estate Investing

Episode Summary:  Despite economic challenges, optimism pervades the real estate market, with notable interest rate hikes. Guest Sean Mulhall introduces SMD Capital Group, a dynamic real estate investment firm offering a suite of services. The dialogue delves into SMD’s evolution, from humble beginnings to scaling up operations and navigating the transition to full-time real estate […]

Episode 36 | Scott Fahl – Privy Empowering Real Estate Investors

Episode Summary:  Discover the benefits of Privy, a real estate investment platform, as CEO Scott Fahl discusses its features and aims. Explore its expansion for buy-and-hold investors, challenges in rental data gathering, user-friendly search setup, portfolio uploading benefits, buyer-finding capabilities, and future AI enhancements. Learn about Privy’s pricing strategy, agent collaboration emphasis, and B2B partnership […]

Episode 35 | Scott Fahl – Unlocking Real Estate Deals: A Dive into Privy

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier are joined by Scott Fahl, the CEO of Privy. They discuss the features and benefits of Privy, a real estate investing software platform that provides access to MLS data and helps investors find and analyze deals. The conversation covers topics such as the genesis of […]

Episode 34 | Eli Fisher – REI Market Shifts & Identifying Better Buyers

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Eli Fisher from Audantic discusses the features of their product, including Buyer Sonar, which helps real estate investors identify better buyers. He emphasizes the importance of understanding who pays the most for a specific type of property and how that can give investors a competitive advantage. Eli also discusses the […]

Episode 33 | Eli Fisher – Property Data & Predictive Modeling with Audantic

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig Fuhr & Jack BeVier interview Eli Fisher from Audantic about the importance of data and predictive modeling in real estate investing. They discuss the challenges of finding motivated sellers and the limitations of traditional data sources. Eli explains how Audantic uses predictive modeling to identify the individuals most likely […]

Episode 31 | Austin Carroll – A Journey From Curiosity To Almost 100 Units

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier interview Austin Carroll, a real estate investor and agent. They discuss Austin’s background and how he developed a love for real estate. Austin shares his journey from buying his first house to building a real estate portfolio. He emphasizes the importance of being curious, asking […]

Episode 30 | Douglas Stein Part 2 – Changes In Tax Law in 2024

Episode Summary:  Craig and Jack continue their conversation with Tax Attorney Douglas Stein of Stein Law. The conversation covers various changes and updates in tax laws and strategies for real estate investors. The topics include changes to bonus depreciation, the impact of cost segregation studies, modifications in captive insurance companies, changes in estate tax exemptions, […]

Episode 29 | Tax Law with Douglas Stein – Unpacking the Corporate Transparency Act

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Jack BeVier and Craig Fuhr interview tax attorney Doug Stein about the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and its implications for real estate investors. The CTA requires the reporting of beneficial owners of LLCs and other entities, removing the anonymity that previously existed. The reporting requirements apply to both existing and […]

Episode 28 | Tools, Part 2- Hiring & People Management, Data Management

Episode Summary:  In this episode of Real Investor Radio, hosts Craig Fuhr and Jack BeVier continue their discussion on behavioral assessment tools like the Culture Index and Predictive Index for effective hiring and team management. Jack shares his experiences and insights on building efficient sales teams and the necessity of aligning team members’ roles with […]