Real Investor Radio- The Podcast For Expert Real Estate Investors

Prominent figures in the residential real estate industry, Jack BeVier and Craig Fuhr, are excited to announce the launch of their podcast, “Real Investor Radio.” The podcast aims to provide valuable insights, strategies, and industry knowledge to empower expert real estate investors seeking to maximize their success in the competitive market.

With their combined experience and deep understanding of the real estate landscape, BeVier and Fuhr bring a wealth of knowledge to the podcast. Their expertise, gained from years of navigating the intricacies of the local residential market, will be shared with listeners through engaging discussions, informative interviews, and practical advice.

“Real Investor Radio” is tailored for seasoned real estate investors who aspire to enhance their portfolios and make well-informed decisions. Through this platform, BeVier and Fuhr will address various topics, including market trends, property analysis, financing strategies, risk management, property management tips, and much more. The podcast will serve as a valuable resource, equipping listeners with the tools and insights necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving world of real estate investing.

Jack BeVier, Partner of The Dominion Group, a vertically integrated platform of real estate-centric companies and a respected real estate professional with an impressive track record of successful transactions, commented, “Real estate entrepreneurs are the best people. We wanted a forum to talk shop at an advanced level and to discuss what the best investors in the country are doing to adapt in this changing investment landscape. That’s our goal with the Real Investor Radio podcast.”

Craig Fuhr, known for his strategic approach and innovative thinking in the real estate industry, added, “Real estate investors are facing headwinds in almost every asset class. These are challenging times that will produce great opportunities for those who are disciplined. Real Investor Radio is the news and strategies serious-minded investors need. That’s the goal. Deep info. No happy talk.”

“Real Investor Radio” will be available on popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. Listeners can expect regular episodes featuring interviews with industry experts, success stories from seasoned investors, and in-depth discussions on critical topics. The podcast’s tagline, “For the Expert Real Estate Investor,” reflects its commitment to delivering specialized content tailored to the needs of experienced professionals.

Real estate enthusiasts, industry professionals, and aspiring investors are invited to tune in to “Real Investor Radio” and join the conversation. To stay updated on the latest episodes and receive exclusive content, visit the podcast’s official website at www.realinvestorradio.com.

About Jack BeVier:

Jack BeVier joined Dominion Financial Services and the affiliated Dominion Group in 2007 and has worked in nearly every aspect of single-family investment real estate including acquisitions, construction, property management, marketing, sales, business development, and finance. Jack has helped build Dominion Financial Services into a nationally recognized private lender for experienced real estate investors. Jack is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and is the co-founder of Baltimore’s non-profit trade organization for real estate investors, the Small Developer’s Collective.

About Craig Fuhr:

Craig Fuhr, a Maryland-based real estate investor embarked on his journey in 2004. From those early days, Craig’s vision for the “end product” was evident in the hundreds of houses he rehabbed. He quickly became known for his artful designs and for his authentic style. Today, Craig spends most of his time consulting and coaching entrepreneurs and investors who are struggling to get the traction they want in business and in life. 

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