Episode 46 | Institutional Ownership: Impact on Housing Affordability and Legislative Challenges

Episode Summary:  Legislatures in various states are considering laws to restrict large institutional investors from owning a significant number of homes. The National Rental Home Council (NRHC) is a trade organization that advocates for single-family rental operators. The NRHC is focused on combating the negative perception of institutional ownership and the impact it has on […]

Episode 43 | Kris Garin – Tenant Relationships, Portfolio Acquisitions, UPREIT Structure

Episode Summary:  Kris Garin from Riparian Capital Partners discusses their approach to managing tenant issues in post-industrial cities like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. They focus on building relationships with tenants and positioning themselves as the ideal counterparty. They conduct detailed file audits and have a plan in place for screening tenants and managing turnover. They […]

Episode 39 | Josh DeShong – Navigating Real Estate Business Growth

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Craig and Jack cover recent news stories on the Corporate Transparency Act and PCE inflation report before diving into a conversation with guest Josh DeShong. Josh shares his journey in real estate, focusing on building a thriving wholesale business and the hurdles of team recruitment. He introduces his tech platform, […]

Bonus Content | NAR Settlement Unpacked

Episode Summary:  The conversation revolves around the recent settlement between the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and several brokerages, which will result in more negotiation of commissions. This settlement will lower the cost of buying and selling a home for buyers and sellers but may drive some real estate agents out of business. The traditional […]

Episode 38 | Sean Mulhall- From a W2 Job to 150+ Properties

Episode Summary:  In this episode, Sean Mulhall from SMD Capital Group shares his journey from W2 employment to amassing over 150 properties in Maryland. He discusses challenges in building a construction business, tapping into real estate teams for income, and managing property effectively. Sean highlights the importance of tech and clear processes in sustaining growth […]